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whether it’s checking on the flashing installed last week or verifying the equipment on a tower, St Lucie Drone Pilot can provide detailed photography for your hard to reach assets.
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TOWER INSPECTIONCommunication Tower Inspections

St Lucie Drone Pilot provides aerial inspections for radio and cell phone communication towers. We fly from a safe distance with quality cameras that get you the up-close high-resolution images you need to be able to inspect the slightest details from the office. You can see damaged equipment,
You can see damaged equipment, unplugged wires, trash tangled in the system, blown light bulbs, and more. We can help you reduce liability by sending fewer people up the tower to provide you with the information you need when you need it.
St Lucie Drone Pilot provides drone inspection solutions for companies throughout South Florida who want to use aerial photography and videography services for commercial structure and equipment inspections.

AERIAL DRONE CELL TOWER INSPECTIONStriving for Excellence in Everything We Do

In comparison to many traditional tower inspection processes, drones can save a lot of time. When trying to inspect the integral components of your structure, traditionally you would need to use either a crane boom or scaffolds. Both take a lot of time to order and set up, let alone actually use and navigate efficiently. We take safety seriously as it is our number one priority when conducting an aerial inspection. Our safety program is structured to protect all parties involved. We understand that by working with us, you put your reputation on the line.
close-up cell tower photographs for inspection
drone aerial tower inspection

& HD Cameras

Cell tower inspections from St Lucie Drone Pilot eliminates the need for your cell tower inspection crew to risk their lives by climbing cell towers for visual inspections. We can provide a live feed for your inspection crew on the ground or anywhere around the world with our live streaming cell tower inspection service. This approach allows your inspection crew to stay safe while our expert pilots inspect your cell tower.
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