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We are fully Insured and certified under FAA Part 107 and can help you with drone-based aerial photography anywhere in South Florida where it is legal to do so.
aerial photography for golf courses service

GOLF COURSE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHYFully insured professionally established company

We have replaced the prohibitive costs of helicopter rentals and on-board camera crews with professional commercial drones that can get the images you need. Aerial Videos provide members and guests with a clear picture of the quality of the course and facilities. A drone flyover can capture a specific golf hole, illustrate the many challenges facing the golfer, highlight various shots and hazards, and situate the entire golf course geographically whether it is on a coastline, close to a city or on an island.
High definition, high-quality flyover videos bring a modern, technological edge to the classic game of golf. With recent advancements in aircraft, video, and post-editing technology, a video flyover no longer requires a helicopter and pilot.
We have multiple FAA Airspace Authorizations for ongoing projects throughout Florida and can obtain any FAA authorization necessary for your specific project. Additionally, this type of video flyover is easier and more cost-effective to produce than ever before.

Golf Course Aerial PhotographyCapture stunning views of each hole from above

Working with a seasoned aerial photographer, our skilled UAV pilot will fly a GPS-enabled quadcopter carrying an HD 4K Hasablad camera over your club to capture high definition photographs and video — perfect for online marketing, mobile apps, print brochures, billboards, and more. Using an unmanned aerial vehicle instead of a full-size helicopter makes it easier and far less expensive to get the property from every angle. We can shoot from dawn until dusk, and also capture on-the-ground footage of other amenities, like the clubhouse, restaurant, and gift shop.
Golf Course aerial photography drone service
aerial photography for golf courses service

AERIAL IMAGING THAT GOES ABOVE & BEYONDTake your marketing campaigns to the next level with aerial video of your golf course or resort

Perfect photos and videos taken at different angles is the ultimate dream for every customer we’ve ever encountered.

While most may not really understand that there is more to our drone aerial photography service from St Lucie Drone Pilot, than simply flying a drone, we ensure that by the end of the day, it becomes clear that there is a great level of skill and dedication involved in our field of work.
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