Deploying Drone Technology to a Competitive AdvantageHigh-Resolution Image Building Inspections

Our post-processing and detailed reporting process identifies problems and maintenance concerns in an organized manner, helping you easily identify where on the building further action needs to be taken.
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We deliver all the photos we capture in the field, organizing them, and processing them into stitch orthomosaics. Video footage and still shots can be edited to include dates and addresses for documentation purposes.
Construction site managers often use aerial photography specialists for construction progress drone photography to save time and money by capturing oblique aerial photography.
Construction site aerial photography is the new normal for most construction companies, and developer Drones reduce travel time for construction.

CONSTRUCTION AND LAND DEVELOPMENTLet us capture a unique perspective

We provide raw footage or basic editing. We also offer white label service or client management if needed. Inspecting a construction site is not only a time-consuming task, but it can be dangerous too. It has been a natural progression of the St Lucie Drone Pilot business model to be an industry leader in aerial infrastructure and construction inspections. Our expertise continues to grow in the fields of residential, commercial, and Industrial aerial photography.
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INDUSTRIAL DRONE PHOTOGRAPHYStructural and Area Drone Inspections

Access and Perspective offered by Drones make them a perfect tool for safe and cost-efficient structural inspections. St Lucie Drone Pilot’s drone monitoring provides you with actionable data to keep your team informed and aware of current progress, on task and schedule.
We are FAA licensed and insured drone operator, and assist our clients with all necessary permitting, compliance, and insurance administrative tasks.

Breath-taking aerial shots used to be reserved for those who could afford a helicopter—but not anymore. With exciting new drone technology, you can get a whole new perspective on your wide-open spaces or close-ups of tricky spaces.

Aerial photography can perfectly capture awe-inspiring shots of your large commercial development properties, hospitality premises, resorts, industrial or construction sites, or really anywhere that could use a fresh view from above. Whether you are looking to capture beautiful images for marketing, branding, social media, etc., just want documentary work-in-progress or inspection/record-keeping photographs, we have you covered. Masterfully taken, these images will elevate your business in the minds of your customers, your team, and your partners.

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